Let It Snow Or Let It Go?

I had an idea for a picture I would take if it snowed. It did snow (a bit), so I carried out my idea.

I’m partial to Elsa from Frozen. I don’t like winter or cold weather and I’m not a Disney person (I grew up in communism, we didn’t have Disney), but Elsa’s my favourite. She’s a bit distant and never had a love interest. Also, eldest daughter.

World in January

In recent years, I learnt to handle the first month of the year quite well, as it’s something I struggled with in the past. January doesn’t depress me any more and I’ve actually come to like the quiet winter days.

I went for a walk with my camera to the wooded place in my neighbourhood, photos of which I’ve already posted here many times. Here I give you the pics:

From The Window

This week’s Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge is quite up my street. The challenge is Window.

I’ve always taken pictures from my window, both with my camera and my phone, in fact the very first post on this blog was a photo I took from my window. I have a good view from my living room, and there’s this tree right next to my house, the tree that is popular with crows and starlings (and magpies sometimes, but for some reason they don’t hang out there as much, though there’s lots of them in this neighbourhood).

Taken with my Canon, zoomed in. There are similar photos to this one in some of my previous January posts. I feel it’s a very January image.

An actual view from the same window, taken with my smartphone.

My window in the living room is a roof window–I have a sloped ceiling–you can see part of the roof in the corner.

Windows are such a good subject for photography. Whether it’s the view from one, or a shot of one from the outside, or a nice still life photo with a book and a plant on the window sill. I’d like to do the latter, but my flat doesn’t offer me such an opportunity.

Snow Here

So, we had some snow in Manchester earlier in the week, courtesy of Storm Arwen. I hate snow. I hate cold weather. I wish I could skip winter and go to spring as soon as autumn ends. But, I said to myself, one should challenge oneself with one’s photography. So I took pictures of snow.

This is from my window (it’s a roof window).

Tree at night.

Street alongside the tramline.

Tram tracks.

Starlings In The Tree

They fly together in loops above the roofs of the houses in my neighbourhood, and once they’re done with that, they settle down on this tree next to my house and chill out.

I wonder if they know how much they provoke my cat!

They also make appearance in my flash fiction short story The Camera Smiles (written for a prompt by The New, Unofficial, On-Line Writer’s Guild). The story is true, except it was initially a crow that made me reach for my camera, not the starlings, but by the time I got it out and pried the lens cap, which really got stuck on the lens (to the point where I had to google how to take it off), the crow flew away and the starlings took over the tree.

Magpie in a Tree

The first post of 2021 is here!

I start the year with a photo of a bird in a tree, for once not taken from my window. I took the picture while I was walking under the tree.

The magpie looked pleased with its catch–I think it’s the little cup-like thing that you bake muffins in, I don’t know what it’s called.

There are lots of crows and magpies in my neighbourhood, I can always hear them shouting, especially the crows in the mornings.

Midwinter Still Life

This is my little contribution to this year’s midwinter. Midwinter Murder is a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie that all share a winter theme. They’ve all been published before in other collections (obviously, they’re not new, with Agatha being dead for some decades). Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple both appear. As you can see, the book is without a doubt beautiful:

Although–shhhh, don’t tell anyone–these photographs were taken in autumn.

Top picture was taken by my Canon DSLR, the other three with my smartphone.