This week’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge–wheels–was reading my mind (I think it happened once or twice before), because I was just about to post some of my wheelbarrow pictures.

I have quite a collection of them now. Wheelbarrows are among my favourite things to photograph.

Two in one shot. How lucky!

They’re such a useful invention. Can you imagine how difficult life would be without them?

Lego Wheelbarrow

It was this one time it occurred to me–I wonder if a Lego wheelbarrow exists? So I ask my friend Google, as you do, and found out that it, indeed does. I like wheelbarrows and I like Lego, so you can imagine how pleased I was to discover this!

It comes with a shovel, hoe, two plants (the one in lower left corner that are out of focus) and a gardener, of course. I named him Herbert.

The place I got this gem from is One More Brick. Have a look, the stuff they sell is absolutely hilarious, in fact I made another purchase–but that’s for the next post!

Random and Weird Phone Shots – Wheelbarrow in the Snow

So we have been having some BAAAAAAD weather lately, aka Beast from the East; temperature below freezing, icy wind and snow, lots of snow. Snow is not something I want to photograph, mainly because I hate it. But my tram stop gave me a sight to behold.

Some construction work has been going on here (this is quite usual, Manchester Metrolink network has expanded so much in the past few years–with help from EU funds, but that’s another story).

Can you see the wheelbarrow sticking out from the pile of snow?

wheelbarrow snow3

As I said in a previous Random and Weird phone Shots post, I have a thing about wheelbarrows. I even have a Wheelbarrows Pinterest board. So naturally I always notice them and if I can, photograph them. Closer shot here:

wheelbarrow snow2

It looks so sad and abandoned and lost in the snow. It seems as if The Beast got the poor wheelbarrow.

However, this is the next day:

wheelbarrow snow4

It endured. And so it will, while the snow will (eventually) melt.

And so will we. Though we still have days of The Beast in front of us.


Random and Weird Phone Shots – Wheelbarrows

Today I’m pleased to share with you my phone camera pictures of wheelbarrows.


Wheelbarrows are awesome. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them.


They are used in construction and gardening and enable people to carry heavy loads, which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. In short, they are damn useful things.

I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to wheelbarrows.


I dedicate this blog entry to my sister, who has special fondness for wheelbarrows.