Husband Creche… Why???

One day I was walking down a street in Manchester city centre and spotted this sign outside of a pub.

Why do people like this primitive type of humour?

I fail to see what’s so funny about comparing a husband to a child. A child at least needs looking after. A grown adult doesn’t. Pocket money! Does he not earn his own money? Why should women put up with this?

How is being single worse than this???

This is why LGBTQ+ people go “are the straights okay?” And they’re right.

The sexism is, of course, another issue. Don’t women go to pubs?

Stupid on every level.

Carts, they said

When I saw this week’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge, I knew I had to take part.

The topic is “carts” and don’t you know it’s exactly the kind of stupid thing I like to take pictures of (in fact they’ve already featured on this blog). Though I like wheelbarrows better, I have more pics of carts. I see many abandoned shopping carts, or trolleys as they call them here, in my neighbourhood. I live near a Tesco superstore… but not all the carts I come across are from there.

Escaping to the park. Just like many of us.

Hiding in an alleyway. He’s up to some shenanigans, I bet.

This one got rusty, poor fellow.

I always use shopping baskets when I shop, never trolleys (I don’t think I’ve ever pushed a shopping trolley in the nineteens years I’ve lived in the UK). I’m a single girl, besides I don’t know if I’d be able to operate those things. I’d probably run someone down.

A Pie Meal

Like majority of people in this social media age, I’m not immune from taking pictures of my orders at restaurants or coffee shops, although I almost never share them–I usually do this so that I can post them to Google Maps (I have just reached Level 7 Local Guide). With such images, I don’t focus on quality or aesthetics. This one, however, came out looking so good that I can’t just keep it to myself!

This is a pie meal from Silcock’s Pier Family Restaurant in Southport, a popular seaside resort in the north of England. The pie is chicken and mushroom (a drink is also a part of the meal but is not pictured). The only way this could be more English is if it was fish and chips. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered a fish and chips in my nineteen years of living here, but that might also be because I rarely frequent that type of takeouts–it’s all burgers and fried chicken and kebabs in my neighbourhood. I admit have a junk food problem.

English food gets a lot of trashing, but I don’t think it’s fair. I think it’s just one of those myths that people perpetuate without really thinking about it.


That’s ladybug for Americans.

There’s this thistle (I think?) that sprouted out almost overnight at the entrance to my house–well not my house strictly, I live in one of the flats the house was converted into. I only noticed it a few days ago and it did not please my eye one bit.

Then today when I went out, I saw this:

And a phone shot of the same:

At least something nice came out of it.