The Halloween Post

Some Halloween-themed events took place in Manchester City Centre, for which they displayed these props. So I took some pics of the said props.

And, because I occasionally have ideas, I added some lines to them.

halloween skeleton1

“I went to the market and it cost me an arm and a leg.”

halloween skeleton3

Ethel was excited to show her friend Richard her new discovery: “Hey, Richard, come and have a look at what I found. Richard? RICHARD???”

halloween skeleton2

“This is what happens when you sign up for Strictly Come Dancing with only one foot.”

halloween skeleton4

“And then he said there was going to be a new 50p coin to commemorate Brexit.”


The End

Happy Halloween!

Random and Weird Phone Shots

Random and Weird Phone Shots Extra – Pumpkin Stuff

Following on from my previous two, seasonally themed, RAWPS, I decided to do an extra one as this has just arrived to Manchester city centre.


And I finally had it!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I felt like a fraud posting the signs the other week without ever having tasted the drink, so I went to Starbucks after work and got it. It was very satisfying, though maybe a bit too sugary.

I just wish I had a phone with a better camera.