Spring Fairies Live Here

What if we imagined that fairies lived in the dents of tree roots?

And that fallen blossom petals were their carpets?

And they played hide and seek under the (white) bluebells and daisies?

And they used the green leaves as slides?

Really, what if we all were a bit like Anne of Green Gables in the spring?

The First Daffodils 2023

I call them little pieces of sunshine. In my local park they aren’t out yet, but there are loads of them in the Manchester city centre.

From the little garden outside Manchester Cathedral.

These grow in St John’s Gardens. They’re also smaller than normal daffodils. They’re like mini daffodils.

In Castlefield. I could focus either on the daffodils or on the magpie. The magpie wasn’t cooperating anyway, so I chose the daffodils. Damn birds never play along!