500 Posts!

This is a blog post number 500.

I mark the occasion with a picture of my most used tag (aside from tags Canon DSLR, smartphone and Motorola)–trees.

Of course, it’s not strictly the 500th post as I have had a couple of reblogs, I think, but on the other hand I have deleted at least 20 posts, so it evens out pretty well, I’d say.

I’m now halfway to a thousand!

March Landscape

It was early spring—probably the ugliest time of the year.

Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne’s House of Dreams

This quote is wrong. Here’s why:

Wild grasses.

From the same book: No sign of life was visible, save a big black crow winging his solitary way across a leaden field.

The crow wasn’t exactly co-operating with me when I took this.

Remnant from days of autumn.

A lone daffodil.

It’s not often that I argue with LM Montgomery–not on descriptions at least (there’s plenty in her books that I have problems with, mostly concerning abusive and narcissistic caregivers but that’s a topic for another day). But, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Northern Quarter, Manchester

It’s the neighbourhood of Manchester with independent shops and restaurants, right in the city centre. It’s about time I posted some pictures of it.

Oldham Street.

Establishments on Oldham Street.

Popular comic book shop, Forbidden Planet. Taking this picture was quite a mission–coming here on Saturday wasn’t exactly my brightest idea. I had to wait for ages to snap this and then I only had a second or two before a car got into my shot!

Graffiti next to a barber shop. I didn’t have the heart to crop out the dog.

Stevenson Square.

A side street off Stevenson Square with more graffiti.

Valentine’s 2022

For this year’s Valentine’s Day post, I present to you a photograph of my favourite couple. Meet Sir William Carmichael and his wife Euphemia, or Effie for short.

As you can see, William and Effie are very loved up. They are most devoted to each other, and would accompany each other through every circle of hell.

William knows the importance of love notes, flowers and chocolates. He’s never once forgotten Effie’s birthday or their anniversary.

The writing on the above picture is an excerpt from their favourite poem, An Invite To Eternity by John Clare. It is very fitting to their relationship.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Security Signs

When I saw the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge was Security, I knew I had just the right stuff for it!

One of the things I like to take pictures of is signs. They often have to do with security–fire exits and similar. Here are some I picked for today’s post:

Don’t fall into the water!

This one is a standard. From the back of my local Tesco.

This one is in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre. That poor figure inside the triangles has been through everything.

This one is in Shibden Hall in Halifax, the door leads to the backyard.

This last one is the only one taken with a DSLR camera, not smartphone like the others, and you can find it in Abney Park in Cheadle, near Stockport.

Really, what have poor horses or motorcycles done to you?


This week’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge is my middle name–Overthink. This is my contribution.

I overthink if this picture is worth posting on blog

I overthink when there is nothing to overthink. I overthink when there is nothing to think.

I overthink in the morning, in the evening and all the time in between. I overthink when I’m eating and when I’m not eating.

I overthink.

I made this three years ago:

I have always been an overthinker.

Top photo taken with Canon DSLR, bottom with smartphone.