Blogging Or What?

Ooh, it’s looks like it’s been a while since I last posted. Though, in fairness, this time last year it was much dryer here.

Here is a picture that I named “The Autumn Days Of Yore”. I don’t know why exactly. It sounds nice, it was taken in autumn and it was in the past (like two weeks ago) and that is all the reasons I can come up with.

So, this is it:


Sooo, it’s November. Which means we’re closer to the end of the year, which is where I do that “where has the year gone?” thing.

So, really, where has the year gone?

September Days Are Here

I usually feel a bit sad at the beginning of September, because summer is over. Until I adjust and start enjoying autumn. Can’t wait for the leaves to turn!

green acorn2

green acorn1

By all these lovely tokens September days are here

With summer’s best of weather

And autumn’s best of cheer

~Helen Hunt Jackson