Look Up, The Skies Are Blue

We’ve had some nice blue skies in Manchester this spring. I have, as ever, been taking pictures. Here I want to offer you two contrasting photographs.

Picture of a blue sky and white clouds with modern architecture and street lights:

Picture of a blue sky and white clouds framed by trees:

And no, they don’t fight. As I always say, both is good.

New Islington, Manchester

I finally made my way there.

New Islington is a new development area near the city centre. (More info here.)

As I walked along the canal with my camera, I was asked by people to take their picture–all of three times. It does happen–but not three times during the same walk, in the span of about 10 minutes! I felt like I was living in a story.

The first time was two middle-aged men sitting on a bench; the second time two young men sitting on a bench–one of them actually stood up and approached me and even offered me money! (I said no, it’s just a hobby)–the third time was a group of young people from Liverpool. I did actually take their picture, but with one of their phones, not my camera.

What made me depressed, though, was that on two out of those three occasions I was asked “where are you from”, after speaking a bare one or two lines. I either ignore those type of questions or answer “Europe” or, like yesterday to those two older men (who were clearly Indian and spoke accented English themselves), “planet Earth”. Look, I hate my accent as much as you do and yeah, twenty years of living here I should not be speaking like that, but what can I do? Speaking is a skill I always lacked. Writing is my more of my thing. I don’t know what I should do, book some voice coaching lessons or what…

Well, this post escalated somewhere it shouldn’t have, so uh… hope you like the pictures. It’s been a nice sunny weekend here in Manchester!


This week’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge–wheels–was reading my mind (I think it happened once or twice before), because I was just about to post some of my wheelbarrow pictures.

I have quite a collection of them now. Wheelbarrows are among my favourite things to photograph.

Two in one shot. How lucky!

They’re such a useful invention. Can you imagine how difficult life would be without them?

Spring Fairies Live Here

What if we imagined that fairies lived in the dents of tree roots?

And that fallen blossom petals were their carpets?

And they played hide and seek under the (white) bluebells and daisies?

And they used the green leaves as slides?

Really, what if we all were a bit like Anne of Green Gables in the spring?