That’s ladybug for Americans.

There’s this thistle (I think?) that sprouted out almost overnight at the entrance to my house–well not my house strictly, I live in one of the flats the house was converted into. I only noticed it a few days ago and it did not please my eye one bit.

Then today when I went out, I saw this:

And a phone shot of the same:

At least something nice came out of it.

Spring Beauties

I didn’t expect to see them on my walk On Saturday–I only went to clock some steps on my FitBit (my target is 8000 steps a day). I was truly in awe of the many beautiful flowers I saw, until it hit me, that of course, stupid, it’s spring.

All taken with my phone. Bluebells will get their own post soon, and I will use my camera for them.

I saw the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge was Season and I think this is a suitable response to the challenge, so here it is!