TL,DR: I like to take some pictures sometimes. Skies, sunsets, trees, rainbows, the city and objects colourful. Animals if they cooperate.

March 2017: The above is all that was on my About page until I decided to expand it somewhat.

So, hi, my name is Linda and welcome to my blog.

At some point in my life I discovered I liked taking photos. At another point in my life I decided to start a blog dedicated to posting these photos.

The original tagline of the blog was All Pictures Must Be Taken. This was inspired by All Men Must Die from Game of Thrones, the TV show that I may or may not be obsessed with. Later I changed it to Some Pictures Must Be Taken, which fits my blog title better and added Some Quotes Must Be Quoted, as quotes became a big part of the blog.

Older photos were taken with my compact Fujifilm.

In 2016 I purchased my first DSLR camera, Canon.

I also like taking pics with my smartphone and in fact have a whole category named Random and Weird Phone Shots. Read about how it all started here.

Originally I’m from Bratislava, Slovakia and have been living in Manchester, UK since 2003. I work 9-5 in the office and have a feline companion called Pepper. Cats are the ones that got it right in this world. They sleep most of the time, go anywhere as they please and let humans worship them. Clever creatures.


I like taking part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Occasionally I throw in an entry about pop culture or current events.

Any images posted here that are not my own photos are tagged not-my-pic. These come from free image sites or, if it’s anything pop culture related, IMDb or elsewhere.

Happy viewing!

Edited November 2017: picture added

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