Blank Page

The beginning of a new year is like a blank page. What will you fill it with?

This is about one’s own life, obviously none of us can influence world events.

(This photograph is almost a year old! I did it at the same time as the paper men I posted last year. I haven’t been taking pictures lately.)

5 thoughts on “Blank Page

  1. I have sooo many blank books…. but I’ve sort of started the new year early with personal things… like more exercising. Since my natal day was towards the end of the year and I’ve got my ‘Old Lady
    Card’ that came with a change of insurance and among other things free gym membership (which I guess I really have already paid). I also started bowling again one afternoon a week. And continue to write. Still working on other projects though. Life does go on (even with the loss of love ones…).

    Be well and enjoy. Happy New Year to you!

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