Cabinet of Curiosities, Haworth

One from my archives: the Cabinet of Curiosities shop in Haworth, the Yorkshire village famous for being the home of the Bronte sisters.

I took this photo on my visit to Haworth in March 2019. I meant to post it on Halloween that year, but I forgot. I forgot to post it for Halloween the following year too, and each year after that, I forgot I even had this photograph. It was Guillermo del Toro’s anthology series on Netflix that reminded me of its existence. The series is also called Cabinet of Curiosities. Instead of waiting till Halloween 2023, I’m posting it now. After all, it’s the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. This should be the time to tell spooky stories, really, it’s just that it’s Christmas. Almost.

I have no idea if this shop is still there. If not, then it’s a relic.

Check out my Haworth tag to see more of the place.

2 thoughts on “Cabinet of Curiosities, Haworth

  1. The shop is still there Linda, I’ve been twice this year! It used to be called the Apothecary.
    I’ve featured the soaps on my blog a few times and everyone thought they were cakes!
    Thank you for joining in with this one, it’s just perfect! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Sue, I’m pleased to hear that the shop is still there. I MUST go to Haworth again, I’ve been saying it for a year… or two. By the way, this is not a response to the Wednesday challenge, I made this post on Sunday and scheduled it for today (that’s why I made the winter solstice connection), it’s a complete coincidence that the challenge happens to be also “curiosity”. That is indeed spooky!


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