What in the tree…

I’ve been running this blog for seven years and nothing has featured here more than pictures taken from my living room window. Mostly of skies, but sometimes of the big tree that grows by my house. You’d think I’d know everything there is to know about the tree (except what it actually is as I have zero knowledge of botany). Starlings hang out on its branches, as well as crows. The tree is also good for observing the changing seasons. In spring, when the leaves start growing, in autumn, when they turn and eventually fall. However, it wasn’t until September 2022 that I, for the first time, noticed that…

It’s got berries?

6 thoughts on “What in the tree…

    1. Thank you, yes, also I’ve just discovered that I’m stupid and that is actually two trees, the one with the berries is a different one to the one which branches stick out most to the left… there is no way to tell from my window…

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