A Pie Meal

Like majority of people in this social media age, I’m not immune from taking pictures of my orders at restaurants or coffee shops, although I almost never share them–I usually do this so that I can post them to Google Maps (I have just reached Level 7 Local Guide). With such images, I don’t focus on quality or aesthetics. This one, however, came out looking so good that I can’t just keep it to myself!

This is a pie meal from Silcock’s Pier Family Restaurant in Southport, a popular seaside resort in the north of England. The pie is chicken and mushroom (a drink is also a part of the meal but is not pictured). The only way this could be more English is if it was fish and chips. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered a fish and chips in my nineteen years of living here, but that might also be because I rarely frequent that type of takeouts–it’s all burgers and fried chicken and kebabs in my neighbourhood. I admit have a junk food problem.

English food gets a lot of trashing, but I don’t think it’s fair. I think it’s just one of those myths that people perpetuate without really thinking about it.

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