Northern Quarter, Manchester

It’s the neighbourhood of Manchester with independent shops and restaurants, right in the city centre. It’s about time I posted some pictures of it.

Oldham Street.

Establishments on Oldham Street.

Popular comic book shop, Forbidden Planet. Taking this picture was quite a mission–coming here on Saturday wasn’t exactly my brightest idea. I had to wait for ages to snap this and then I only had a second or two before a car got into my shot!

Graffiti next to a barber shop. I didn’t have the heart to crop out the dog.

Stevenson Square.

A side street off Stevenson Square with more graffiti.

4 thoughts on “Northern Quarter, Manchester

  1. What a coincidence.
    On Wednesday I went down to Otley to the dentist. Looking at the old stone buildings opposite prompted me to take some photographs and I decided there and then to write a blog of Otley.
    I had the same problem as you, spending time waiting for the cars to pass.

    I love your photos of the old buildings, to me the modern ones are nothing short of an eyesore.
    Love the rabbit.🙂

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