From The Window

This week’s Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge is quite up my street. The challenge is Window.

I’ve always taken pictures from my window, both with my camera and my phone, in fact the very first post on this blog was a photo I took from my window. I have a good view from my living room, and there’s this tree right next to my house, the tree that is popular with crows and starlings (and magpies sometimes, but for some reason they don’t hang out there as much, though there’s lots of them in this neighbourhood).

Taken with my Canon, zoomed in. There are similar photos to this one in some of my previous January posts. I feel it’s a very January image.

An actual view from the same window, taken with my smartphone.

My window in the living room is a roof window–I have a sloped ceiling–you can see part of the roof in the corner.

Windows are such a good subject for photography. Whether it’s the view from one, or a shot of one from the outside, or a nice still life photo with a book and a plant on the window sill. I’d like to do the latter, but my flat doesn’t offer me such an opportunity.

2 thoughts on “From The Window

  1. Birds and trees just lend themselves to photography don’t they?
    I’m like you, Linda, I love taking photos from my window. Thank you for sharing your window view with our challenge.🙂

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  2. Looks like a nice place to view a storm. 🙂
    I don’t have a smart phone, and I broke my camera lens… so I’m in need of a new camera. sigh

    I like my window view too. I often catch my porch roof from my diningroom window that has a great view of bird feeders, trees, srubs and the creek at the end of the backyard 🙂

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