Dry January?

I think it means giving up drinking for the month, but as I don’t get the whole concept of alcohol, to me, and Some Photoblog, it’s just plainly… well, the absence of posts. I’ve gone back to working from home, and the opportunities to photograph this time of year are generally minimal; apart from the birds in the tree next to my house and skies from the window, which have already featured here numerous times. (Then again, Anne of Green Gables says no two sunsets are ever the same, and I trust her on this.)

My backyard–or our backyard, I should say, I live in a house converted to flats, so it’s not just mine. I took this pic while I was topping up credit for gas. How exciting!

Seeing as I have in the past posted pictures I took on my way to the supermarket, it’s quite in keeping with the theme of the blog. After all, I’ve managed to run it quite successfully while not setting a foot out of Manchester. Blogs dedicated to far way, beautiful, amazing places have gone quiet at the start of the pandemic, as travelling was halted.

Yet, here I am.

Puh-lease, anyone can photograph the Taj Mahal, but not everyone can turn their dismal backyard into art!

(Unless Taj Mahal is in your backyard, of course–I know WordPress has a lot of bloggers in India.)

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