Gnarled Trees

They really look like old men that have lived through a lot.

The last looks like a very old wizard, the long-grey-or-white-hair-and-beard type. I might call him Merlin. He’s probably their leader, that is, if trees have leaders at all.

An old wizard brings to mind Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and that series, of course, has tree-like beings, ents. Maybe that’s what they really are?

Pictures are from Heaton Park.

4 thoughts on “Gnarled Trees

  1. If I turn your logic just a bit alee I might conclude that this means I look like a tree. That’s an interesting observation, I might need to investigate the idea. Maybe write about it.
    Thank you, Linda for the inspiration! It may take awhile!

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    1. It’s funny you say that because… well, I have these fictional characters living in my head and one of them is this woman and she says to a guy she’s engaged to that he’s like a tree. They’re young though, in their 20s.

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      1. Inspiration

        Young women are like apples
        Older women are like apple pie…
        Young men stay ready – always ready to go
        Older men send down roots…

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