Panic! At the Supermarket

Results of panic buying in my local Tesco.

Above – the pasta shelf. Below – the toilet roll shelf.

I personally am not doing any stockpiling, because I live on my own and have no space anyway. I went to Tesco to do my usual weekly shopping. On the way, I saw a man in a balaclava riding a scooter, backpack on his back, with a shopping bag hanging in front of him. Well ain’t you a badass, I thought. James Bond could never!

Stay safe everyone!

3 thoughts on “Panic! At the Supermarket

  1. My local Asda was in a similar state at the weekend. I’m not stockpiling (space is also an issue with us!) but we are practicing a “voluntary” social distancing policy. Given my job puts me at high risk, I want to make sure I’m not passing that risk onto others who are more vulnerable.
    Plus, being a natural introvert, one could say I’ve been prepping for this my whole life 😉
    Stay safe!

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