Haworth, West Yorkshire

Haworth is a village in West Yorkshire and a very picturesque one, as you can see from these photos:

The Main Street is full of little shops, all strictly local–not a chain in sight.

Cobbles and views of the moors, it’s almost like something from a book.

Or it actually is.

Haworth may only be a small place but it’s still very famous, thanks to certain literary sisters who lived here and whose father was a local clergyman.

I decided to make a trip to Haworth while I was in Leeds a few weeks ago–Yorkshire sort of promotes itself–following what appears to be a my sudden new interest in the Bronte sisters. Although Haworth’s not that far from Manchester, I found it’s almost impossible to get there; there is no train station and no coaches appear to be going there. So I want to say I’m thankful to the website Rome2Rio for telling me about the easiest route, which is: take a train from Manchester Victoria to Hebden Bridge and from there a bus called Bronte bus B3, which stops at Haworth. There is no way on earth I would ever have known that. B3 bus operates once every hour, but that’s okay when you know the timetable and can organise yourself around it.

The journey from Hebden Bridge to Haworth is spellbinding, as the road bends through the Yorkshire moors. I even filmed through the bus window.

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