The Flora Rainbow

I’ve been enjoying photographing flowers and plants close up and it was somewhere at this point it occurred to me to set up a post showing them in a colour spectrum. Or at least 85% of it–I couldn’t find anything in indigo, sorry!


blue forgetmenots

green ferns

yellow flowers

orange flower

red flower1

Tops of ferns look like little snails, hmmm…

There’s diversity in flora, that is clear and they don’t seem to be fighting each other. Humans could learn a lot from them.

5 thoughts on “The Flora Rainbow

  1. My daughter says these pictures are beautiful, and I agree. I like the artistry of the composition on the shot of the ferns, the perspective is very nice! 🙂

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      1. You are very welcome 🙂 I think it is the composition that makes that one seem so stunning to me personally. I tend to be a person who loves vibrant colors, especially purples, peaches, and teals. And I love the way the picture of the tulip captures the light-reflective purple tones, but for all of the colors and the flowers, I think the fern arrangement is very compelling…

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