State of Mind


River Danube in Devin, a village near my home town of Bratislava, Slovakia. The other bank belongs to Austria. I still remember how hot it was on that day, which helps with the freezing weather we’ve been having lately. I think it looks quite peaceful–and what’s better than a peace of mind?

Though my mind is mostly made up of a lot of nonsense and random memories.

Another idea I had for this weekly challenge was the feline mind.


What is a cat thinking indeed? That we will never know, probably. The popular idea seems to be world domination, but to be honest, cats pretty much rule the world anyway. They do what they want and humans feed them and pet them and anything more is just too much hard work. Besides, how are you gonna organise cats?

Other than that…


Game of Thrones is on my mind A LOT, ‘cos I’m such a fan. Scratch that, I’m obsessed with it. As Season 6 approaches, that state intensifies, especially as it’s looking like we’re not getting Winds of Winter anytime soon.

How do you say “all pictures must be taken” in Valyrian?
State of Mind


She’s black and she’s my cat.


Here she’s chilling on the plastic bag (with Lego logo) on the sofa.


And here she’s in the box. She’s had a few boxes that she chewed to pieces but I think this one’s for keeps.


We never exactly decided to get a cat, she sort of came to us and we’ve had her for two years now. Maybe it’s true about cats owning people instead of people owning cats. They’re certainly wonderful creatures. You know how they say, ancient Egyptians used to worship cats and cats have still not forgotten about that.

What do pets really think of their owners?

Dog: Wow, free food! These people must be gods.

Cat: Wow, Free food! I must be god.